Art Tour
UX & Visual design

A digital docent for museum tours that will give you a unforgettable museum experience.

[ problem ]

Museums must compete for attention in a very difficult environment.
This is especially true in regards to catching the attention of young visitors,
and existing docent tours are only available in audio.

[ solution ]

To create a memorable museum experience for visitors, adding interactivity
to create an educational, engaging, and memorable museum experience.

[ Demographic ]

visitors over age 50
one college degree

[ How It Works ]

[ step one ]

Customize Your Tour

filter page

Select the theme and medium based on your preference in order to modify your tour

[ step two ]

Guide You to the Artwork


Navigation Page

Guides you through the museum step by step

[ step three ]

Show You the Process


Artist page

Shows the art making process


Technique page

Shows the technique

[ step four ]

Connect You to the Art


timeline page

Show major world events that happened the year the piece was created


Try here page

Make your own pieces in the style of masterpieces and share them on social media

[ step five ]

Ask Questions

ask questions

Ask page

Chat with a team of art historians and educators

[ design process ]

[ ui design ]

2.5 buttons

2 1/2D buttons

Use a smooth gradients transition to create a realistic looking UI elements

white text on black

White text on Black background

Create less strain on your eyes when reading in a dimly lit environment


Delicate UI elements

Create an elegant and modern-looking interface

[ wireframe ]



Based on the “F-Shapes” reading pattern, the top of page will be the most eye-catching area. Sub-nav should be placed at the top of page area because it can let the users know that there are three sub-pages under the Tour page.


“Try Here” is a unique features. Placing it at the top right will draw users’ attention.


Main-nav sits on the bottom of the page where users lay their thumbs.

[ color ]


[ typography ]


[ iconography ]

icon analysis
icon collection

[ thank you ]